Customer Sectors

Over the last 30 years, Flexible Machining Systems has built up unrivalled skills and expertise in providing precision machining services to a number of key market sectors. FMS specialise in the supply of complex, tight-tolerance components where quality and reliability of supply are of paramount importance. Our components are often used in safety-critical applications, driving us to constantly develop our business in line with our customers’ requirements.

Industries in which we operate include:

  • aerospace & defence
  • automotive & motorsport
  • food & drink processing
  • marine
  • medical
  • oil & gas
  • telecommunications

Having over the years developed a unique understanding of each market sector, FMS is often able to work in partnership with customers’ in-house engineering resources. This approach helps us and them to anticipate potential challenges, and configure cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

FMS is located in Horsham with an abundant source of quality suppliers within the local industrial area. Close proximity to the M25 motorway and major airports enables us to provide our more distant customers with an excellent delivery and support services.

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