Flexible Machining Systems is ISO 9001 and AS 9100D accreditedAS9100D CERTIFIED

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Assembled electrical cabinet/enclosure

Our core competencies


Precision engineered parts

Our extensive range of automated CNC machines are complemented by setup reduction equipment, maximising efficiency and customer delivery. Within that range of machine sizing, capability and capacity, we can support most customer requirements.

Our experienced engineers and operators come from a wide range of manufacturing sectors, enabling us to focus on providing effective solutions and efficient supply chain management, and forging close customer relationships.


Sheet metal fabrication

We specialise in manufacturing quality sheet metal cabinets, enclosures and components all the way to very large units, and we can fit out any of our cabinets or enclosures to supply complete assembled units.

Our processes and people are supported by the latest laser cutting technology and lifting equipment.


Project management

When you need support for complex projects, our specially trained project managers can provide full project management services, including regular updates and full visibility of your project's status, to provide effective risk management.

Our service includes engineering design, pre-award requirements, assembly and 'Factory Acceptance Tests'.

Our service focus is delivering accurate and cost-effective results for our customers.

Flexible Machining Systems provide machined precision components as well as mechanical and electrical assemblies for various sectors within the manufacturing industry.

We are a AS9100D and BS EN ISO9001 certified company who can offer multiple services and processes.

Our services include new product introduction support, small and large coordinate measuring capability and ultrasonic cleaning.

We plan and execute customer orders with dedicated teams in engineering, supply chain, production planning and project management.

Our aim is to provide all of our customers with end-to-end support and solutions.

Flexible Machining Systems is also supported by our sister company Horsham Sheet Metal.

Horsham Sheet Metal specialise in providing small, medium and large sheet metal and fabricated parts, frames, cabinets and special projects.

3, 4 and 5-Axis CNC Machining

Our state of the art 3, 4 and 5-axis machine centres enable us to produce prototype parts, short-run production parts, and drill holes with compound angles faster and more efficiently.

It avoids the need for multiple set-ups, resulting in high accuracy and repeatability at a cost-effective price.

We can take your concept designs from prototyping through to volume production, across a wide range of exotic materials including titanium, Inconel, Monel and duplex to name a few.

CMC machining service application photo
3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machining services at Flexible Machining Systems
CMC machining centre photo
Matsuura MAM 72-35V machining centre
Multiaxis machining center
Multi-axis machining centre

CNC Milling

Our range of 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC milling machines give us the flexibility to produce parts within a maximum envelope of 1740 mm x 760 mm x 660 mm.

Flexible Machining Systems can provide you with simple or complex milled parts at competitive prices, in both low and high volume batches as required.

We can machine a wide variety of materials including aluminium, stainless steels and high performance plastics, taking your products and ideas right from prototyping, through to production quantities, adding additional value through sub or finished assembly, should your process require it.

Quality is at the core of our business, ably demonstrated by our commitment to our AS9100D and BS EN ISO9001 certifications and the unparalleled capabilities of our CMM inspection department.

CNC milling services application photo at Flexible Machining Systems
CNC milling services at Flexible Machining Systems

CNC Turning

Flexible Machining Systems offer an extensive range of CNC turning services with full turn/mill capability.

This capability dramatically improves the efficiency of manufacture for components that require both types of operation.

Many of our lathes are bar fed, which increases manufacturing efficiency, reducing component cost on larger production runs.

CNC Turning services application photo at Flexible Machining Systems
CNC turning services at Flexible Machining Systems

CMM Inspection

Coordinate measuring machine inspection for small and large machined components.

Our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) enables our quality team to inspect parts up to approximately 2 metres (2000mm) in length, 1 metre (1000mm) in width and 1 metre (1000mm) in height. FMS will also provide a full dimensional inspection report on request.

CMM inspection photograph
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) inspection measures the geometry of machined component
CMM inspection
Our CMM service can support small and large components

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Aqueous ultrasonic cleaning services adds to our comprehensive range of CNC machining services.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the single most effective method for metal parts, cleaning inaccessible and hard-to-reach areas of items.

Our standard 4-stage aqueous ultrasonic cleaning system involves heated ultrasonic clean, rinse, and warm air-dry processes, ideal for complex precision engineered parts used in sectors such as aerospace and automotive.


Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
Finnsonic aqueous ultrasonic cleaning services
Ultrasonic cleaning services at Flexible Machining Systems
Finnsonic aqueous ultrasonic cleaning services

Production engineering and customer design support

We can offer our customers our technical experience during R&D and new product development processes.

Our highly skilled engineers will work with you to optimise component manufacturing, using the latest CAD/CAM software, from initial prototype to full production.

Working as an extension of your own business we can advise on material selection, reducing machining times, appropriate tolerancing, and ultimate finishes achievable.

We will work with you to understand your initial requirement and throughout the manufacturing life of the component or subassembly.

Production engineering and customer design support
Our skilled engineers work with you to optimise component manufacturing
CAD: Solidworks
CAD: Solidworks
CAD: Hypermill
CAM: AlphaCam

Mechanical and Electrical Assembly

Flexible Machining Systems provide a wide range of mechanical and electrical assembly services.

From sub-assembly to larger scale machinery, our team have extensive experience with the resources to flex to your requirements.

Mechanical and electrical assembly services
Example wiring from an electrical assembly
Mechanical and electrical assembly services
Mechanical and electrical assembly example

Horsham Sheet Metal - Complementary sheet metal fabrication, welding and assembly services
Horsham Sheet Metal - Our sister company providing complementary services

Horsham Sheet Metal

Our sister company specialises in electrical switchgear cabinets, enclosures, welding and all forms of sheet metal work.

Horsham Sheet Metal works with us to deliver our customers extensive one-stop-shop services.


Project Management

We manage customer orders using robust production capacity planning, project management tools and processes.

In addition to CNC machining, Flexible Machining Systems offers our customers a range of complementary services, in-house and through our approved supplier network.

Customer pre-award communication, risk management, project planning and execution is another service Flexible Machining Systems can provide.


Project management
Project management to delivery
FMS project management
Robust project management processes

Some of the services we offer include:

  • assembly services
  • subcontract inspection
  • ultrasonic cleaning
  • clean air assembly
  • EDM
  • electroplating
  • flaw detection
  • grinding – cylindrical and/or surface
  • heat treatment
  • laser cutting
  • painting
  • spinning/fabricating
  • surface treatment, including anodising, hardening and plating
  • vacuum leak testing
  • welding/soldering

Our commitment to quality and service

Customer design and engineering support processes

Customer design and engineering support

Production planning and project management

Production planning and project management

CNC machining and turning

CNC machining and CMM inspection

Mechanical and electrical assembly (sub and full assembly service)

Mechanical and electrical assembly

Project management to delivery

Project management to delivery

Flexible Machining Systems offers the highest standards of quality, service and technical expertise.

We can take your products and ideas from prototype to sub-assembly or finished assembly.

All components are manufactured to your precise requirements, in accordance with our AS9100D certification.